Welcome To All Round Wellness

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Welcome to All Round Wellness!   All Round Wellness is a multidisciplinary wellness clinic headed by Mandurah Psychologist Cherie Dorotich. We are dedicated to offering people the opportunity to enhance their
wellbeing with the aim of living life with greater vitality and happiness.

 ARW Guarantee: 

* We will return your call or email within 3 business hours.

* We guarantee an appointment availablity within 4 days of first contact.





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Your Clinical Team

 20180215_144433  soumya  kylie   28468687_10209504952415492_6514788271723874617_n   12998357_10154158806014468_7093662188408576237_o     
Cherie Dorotich                  Soumya Soopiyaragath     Kylie Rees                                     Lisa Munday                                           Michael Waine

 Specialty Areas:               Specialty Areas:                 Specialty Areas:                            Specialty Areas:                                      Specialty Areas:
*Trauma                            *Depression                        *Couples Therapy                         * Positive Psychology                             * Men's Health
*Womens Health               *OCD & Anxiety                  * Anxiety                                       * Dignity Therapy                     
*EMDR & Schema            * Autism Spectrum              * Pregnancy, Child Birth
Therapy                                                                           & Parenting